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Toronto 3PL Warehousing

Toronto is the most populated city in Canada and an epicenter for local and international businesses, and Toronto 3PL warehousing plays a crucial role in storing, repacking, and transporting products.  

At the flagship 18 Wheels Logistics 3PL warehouse in Toronto, our staff is trained to properly handle and store all inbound and outbound cargo. We have over 338,000 square feet of warehouse space, 76 loading docks, and the latest inventory tracking software, security systems, and equipment to ensure all products are categorized, shipped, and stored accordingly.

Whether you need temperature-controlled services, cross-docking, repacking, or bonded services, 18 Wheels Logistics Toronto can create a viable Toronto 3PL warehousing solution for you. 

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3PL Warehousing Reduces Delivery Times and Increases Customer Satisfaction

If the Toronto market represents a large portion of your customer base, it's crucial to store your products nearby. By storing your products at the 18 Wheels Logistics Toronto 3PL warehouse instead of an overseas manufacturer, you can greatly improve delivery speed, enhance packaging and labeling, and reduce the costs for each shipment.

Additionally, when your products are in our Toronto 3PL warehouse, you have access to our entire scope of logistics services including:

  • Comprehensive fulfillment solutions (co-packing, repacking, labeling)
  • Numerous transportation options (FTL, LTL, rail)
  • Reverse logistics
  • Inventory management
  • Nationwide Canadian storage network for added warehouse locations.

Get a Leg Up On the Competition

Toronto 3PL warehousing takes the hassle out of storage, packaging, and distribution, allowing your business to focus on what they do best. Instead of trying to start your own warehouse, leverage our knowledge, cross-Canada warehouse facilities, and experienced team to the benefit of your business. 

At the 18 Wheels Logistics Toronto 3PL warehouse, our team is dedicated to improving your logistics process. During our initial consultation, we do a thorough and in-depth analysis of your supply chain to fully understand your business, products, and customer needs. This research process allows us to support your unique distribution and warehousing needs, giving you an edge over the competition. Contact us today to get started.