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Beverage Warehousing

At 18 Wheels Logistics Toronto, we fully understand the complexities of beverage warehousing and distribution in Toronto and across North America. From importing ingredients to storing beverages at a precise temperature and moving products for a just-in-time operation, a warehouse plays a crucial part in the day-to-day operations of beverage businesses.

As a Canadian national logistics company with beverage warehousing in Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, and other cities, we cover every need for your liquor and soda products. With our Toronto 3PL warehouse, service-driven culture, commitment to excellence, in-house co-packaging options, and customized distribution solutions, we can make logistics a strength for your liquor and soda businesses. 

From warehousing to repacking to transportation, we have you covered. Contact our Toronto warehousing staff today and see the difference our warehouse and team can make for your supply chain.

Our Warehouse Locations Make a Massive Difference

Ask any customer or business owner about the most important factor of a supply chain, and they will likely say location. Therefore, if you are consistently shipping products to Toronto, Vancouver, or Calgary, having a Toronto 3PL warehouse in the city makes a huge difference.

Our network of 3PL warehouses spans across major Canadian cities and is licensed for the storage and distribution of soda, beer, wine, spirits, and RTDs (Ready to Drink). For those shipping into Toronto, our Toronto 3PL warehouse is located close to the heart of the city, and our facility offers greater storage capacity than competitors, enabling us to handle large beverage deliveries during peak seasons with ease.

Our Inventory Systems and Storage Keep Your Process Fresh

The 18 Wheels Logistics Toronto team takes pride in what we do, and that extra effort ensures that your products stay of top quality. We guarantee that your beverage products are stored and moved in compliance with FIFO/LIFO guidelines, which include lot/batch control and returns processing. Additionally, we maintain impeccable quality control, including regular warehouse maintenance, thorough cleaning, and pest control inspections at our Toronto 3PL warehouse.