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Bonded Warehouse

A bonded warehouse is a specific type of warehouse where dutiable goods are stored, manipulated, or undergo manufacturing operations without payment of duty. Toronto 3PL bonded warehouses serve a crucial purpose for goods being transported into Canada from the Eastern United States.

Bonded warehouses do not have to be managed by the government, and can be privately run, like the 18 Wheels Logistics bonded Toronto 3PL warehouse. However, a bonded warehouse must participate in the Customs Bonded Warehouse Program operated by the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA).

If your business is shipping into Toronto or Canada and needs a national bonded storage solution, 18 Wheels Logistics has you covered. Our Toronto warehousing facilities provide you with the ability to modify products and defer all duties (GST included) while the goods remain in our warehouse. 

Contact us today before you ship your products to Toronto or into Canada. Our Canadian bonded warehouses can receive, co-pack, and store your goods while deferring duties for a later date.

The Two Main Types of Bonded Warehouses

Generally, there are two kinds of bonded warehouses: wet and dry.

'Wet' bonded warehouses are suitable for imported alcohol and other items subject to excise duty, such as tobacco and fuels. If you're planning to import wine, beer, cider, or other spirits into a bonded warehouse, make sure to choose a facility that provides wet bonded storage.

'Dry' bonded warehouses, on the other hand, store general goods that are liable to customs duty but not excise duty. Dry bonded warehouses primarily store retail products, packaged goods, raw materials, and clothes.

The Benefits of a Bonded 3PL Warehousing

The primary benefit of utilizing a bonded 3PL warehouse in Toronto or elsewhere in Canada is deferring duty fees. Instead of paying duty fees right away, you only pay when the goods are moved to the final destination, providing more control over supply movement and cash flow.

Furthermore, even though your goods are held at a Toronto 3PL warehouse and cannot be moved until duty is paid, the cargo can still be modified, tested, and altered. During this time, our facility can repackage and label your goods for the next leg of the delivery.

No matter where you are shipping goods to in Canada, our national network of 3PL warehouses can store, repack, and transport your shipments.