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Bundle Wrapping

Bundle wrapping packaging, commonly known as ‘bulls-eye packaging’, is a packaging method used in Toronto 3PL warehousing facilities to conveniently package heavier bulk items together into a single shipment. The bundle wrapping technique is often used for glass jars, bottled beverages, household cleaning products, and variety packs, but it can also be used to create promotional and seasonal offerings.

At the 18 Wheels Logistics Toronto 3PL warehouse facility, our team and equipment can handle all of your requirements. We use strong film and heat-shrinking devices to create a tight, puncture-proof, and moisture-resistant seal around your products.

Contact us today to take advantage of our bundle wrapping services as part of your supply chain. We can handle all sizes of products and shipments.

We Customize Bundle Wrapping for Each Shipment

Our team at the Toronto 3PL warehouse facility works closely with clients to determine the best type of film for shipment. Whether you require moisture-resistant, vacuum-sealed, or affordable options, we can source the material to meet your needs.

The film is then cut to size and shrunk around the item with a distinct bullseye opening at both ends of the package. These bulls-eye openings allow workers and customers to grip and carry the bundle-wrapped object. 

We use thick film that ensures durability and strength, ideal for heavier bulk items. Additionally, all partners storing products at our Toronto 3PL warehouse can customize the film to create a cohesive brand image.

Bundle Wrapping Can Benefit Any Business

Bundle wrapping is a cost-effective method for quality packaging because it doesn’t require excessive packaging materials. The benefits of shrink-wrapping at a Toronto 3PL warehouse include:

  • Fast and Convenient
  • Customization Potential
  • Protects Products from Tampering
  • Maintains Optimal Product Quality

18 Wheels Logistics Toronto is proud to serve Canada with a network of Warehouses in Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, and across Canada. We offer a complete and diverse selection of bundle wrapping, co-packing, 3PL warehousing, and transportation options for clients in various industries. If your supply chain is holding you back, contact our Toronto 3PL warehouse reps today for a boost to your operations.