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Professional co-packing services from 18 Wheels Logistics can minimize stress, delays, and obstacles in your shipping process. Partner with 18 Wheels Logistics today and capitalize on the following services.


Efficiency meets aesthetics with our repacking services. Get ahead of the game by ensuring your products always make a stellar first impression. From damaged goods to custom orders, we tailor the repacking process to suit your specific needs, saving you time and stress in your supply chain.

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Shrink Wrapping

Wrap it up tight. That's the ethos of our shrink-wrapping services. By safeguarding your products against potential pollutants or pests, we ensure their journey from our warehouses to your customers remains smooth and hassle-free. You can trust us to protect your goods.

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Bundle Wrapping

Hold it together with bundle wrapping. We specialize in managing bulk items and securing them into one sturdy, transportable unit. Whether it's bottled beverages or seasonal offerings, our custom-made bundle wraps keep your shipment intact and well-protected.

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More is more with our multi-pack service. We bring efficiency and value to your supply chain by bundling multiple units into a single product offering. By designing packaging that captures attention and drives sales, we can help you grab more market share.

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Variety Packaging

Spice things up with variety packaging. It's a fantastic way to sell excess inventory while expanding your product range. We help you understand what makes a successful variety pack and guide you on creating ones that will excite your customers.

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Commercial Packaging

Big or small - we pack them all. Our commercial packaging services cover everything from labeling to boxing, for a diverse range of product lines. We don't only package your products - we manage and optimize the entire packaging process for your business.

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Precision meets speed in our assembly services. We use automated assembly lines for mass-producing containers and assembling finished products. With us, your packaging worries can be assembled away.

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Pallet Display

Watch your sales go through the roof with our strategic pallet displays. We not only create stunning displays but also transport them to retailers across the country. Let us help you attract more customers with eye-catching pallet displays.

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Stickering & Labelling

Let your products wear your brand like a badge of honor with our stickering and labeling services. We understand that details matter, which is why we helping you create visually attractive and informative stickers that set your brand apart.

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