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Shipping products into Toronto and across the United States – Canadian Border is a great opportunity to open a whole new market for your business. The complexities with cross-border shipping lie in navigating duty fees, finding a great warehouse location, managing custom packaging, and organizing transportation.

For businesses looking to establish a foothold in Toronto and across Canada, look no further than the 18 Wheels Toronto 3PL warehouse. Our conveniently located Canadian warehouses and linehaul services ensure your products can reach consumers with little delay. 

Simplify your cross-border logistics process today. Contact 18 Wheels Logistics Toronto for a free quote and consultation from our Toronto warehousing staff.

Efficient Linehaul Transportation Across North America

Choosing the best transportation method and route for your cross-border cargo has massive implications on the cost and travel time. At our Toronto 3PL warehouse, we compare different delivery methods such as FTL, LTL, intermodal, dedicated, and courier options to create the most efficient linehaul transportation solution for your business.

Take Advantage of Duty-Free Fulfillment 

At the 18 Wheels Toronto 3PL warehouse, we offer a Duty-Free Fulfillment Solution which yields significant savings for companies who are facing steep duties on imported inventory into the US they intend to sell online.

Our Toronto warehousing solution utilizes both Section 321 of the US Customs Act and the Canadian Duty Relief Program. These are two independent programs from the United States and Canadian governments that, when utilized together, can provide immense savings right to the bottom line.

With 18 Wheels Vancouver & Toronto operations, companies can reach 100% of the US population in 1-3 days with economical ground shipping. Work with 18 Wheels Logistics today to take advantage of our Toronto 3PL warehouse, co-packing services, and dedicated storage.