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Cross Docking

For businesses transporting products in and out of Toronto, our Toronto 3PL warehouse cross-docking facility can serve as a central hub for consolidating, sorting, and transferring inventory to the final retailer. Whether your business is situated in Toronto or across the globe, our network of Canadian cross-docking facilities expedites shipments to customers and retail chains across the country. 

Cross-docking services reduce shipping costs by quickly moving your inventory from the manufacturer into the hands of consumers without spending any time in a dedicated warehouse facility.

Adopting cross-docking tactics into your supply chain does not require a major overhaul. Instead, contact 18 Wheels Logistics Toronto today, and we can create a seamless Toronto 3PL warehousing solution.

How Can Cross-Docking Benefit Your Supply Chain?

In the age of same-day deliveries, transportation from the manufacturer to the end consumer has to be fast. Cross-docking is an innovative solution to traditional storage and freight methods that helps businesses meet shorter delivery timelines. 

With cross-docking, products skip the traditional warehousing step and are processed at a Toronto 3PL warehouse and cross-docking facility. This facility has bays for inbound and outbound trucks, and a receiving area where products are quickly sorted, organized, and placed onto an outbound truck for the next leg of delivery.

The benefit of cross-docking is that your products are always moving, which speeds up delivery time, reduces the need for storage space, and minimizes warehouse labour fees. Additionally, with our Toronto 3PL warehouse, 24/7/365 policy, and national network, we can take advantage of late-night airport or ocean port pick-ups, further increasing flexibility in the process.

18 Wheels Logistics Toronto Can Help Your Supply Chain

Managing all the moving parts in a national supply chain can be an exhausting process. Without the right network and resources, products can go missing, shipments delayed, and opportunities lost. Instead of fighting an uphill battle, transform your supply chain into a competitive advantage with the help of our Toronto 3PL warehouse.

At 18 Wheels Logistics Toronto, our goal is to help you achieve an optimal supply chain. With our Toronto and national 3PL warehousing, cross-docking, and re-packing services, we can fill in the gaps and create a robust and efficient supply chain. Contact our Toronto warehousing staff today for assistance.