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E-Commerce Fulfillment 

The e-commerce sales channel continues to be a driving force of growth for many companies. Partnering with a leading 3PL like 18 Wheels in Toronto will help support your e-commerce for years to come. 

At 18 Wheels, we provide our partners with dynamic e-commerce fulfillment solutions that will scale as their business grows. Partner with 18 Wheels to benefit from our end-to-end 3PL services, including warehousing and fulfillment, transportation and small-parcel shipping, inventory control, and a full suite of other value-add services. 

Benefit from the 18 Wheels advantage by utilizing our decades of 3PL experience so that you can focus on what matters – growing your business.  Contact us today to get started

E-commerce Fulfillment with 18 Wheels Logistics

As the consumer demand for your product grows, having a 3PL partner like 18 Wheels will be a key element to your success. 18 Wheels offers a full suite of 3PL services that best connect you with your consumers and meet their expectations. 

Here are the most important areas where 18 Wheels Logistics can help your E-commerce business:

  • Coast-to-coast 3PL fulfillment operations in Canada & the United States 
  • Operational Expertise in scaling for seasonal peaks
  • Warehouse Management System with Customizable Solutions 
  • Small-Parcel Shipping across Canada & US
  • System integration with website & ERP to support immediate visibility for consumers. 
  • A variety of Value-Add Services including kitting, gift-wrapping, price labeling, and custom packaging 

Our dynamic Canadian warehouse locations will facilitate reaching your consumers in key markets throughout the country rather than being stationed at a single 3PL location. The team at 18 Wheels is here to support your business end-to-end, coast-to-coast.

Amazon Logistics Assistance 

For many companies, Amazon represents its own sales channel within their e-commerce operation. Having an agile 3PL partner like 18 Wheels with expertise in fulfilling to Amazon is crucial in maintaining and growing this part of your business.

Amazon has two primary channels for fulfilling orders through its platform:

Fulfillment-By-Merchant is the model whereby your 3PL fulfills orders on your behalf as if they were shipping from an Amazon distribution center. It is instrumental to the success of your FBM channel that your 3PL is set up for success to pick/pack/ship your orders so that they adhere to Amazon’s service level expectations. 

Fulfillment-By-Amazon would be the other option with your 3PL partner picking & packing a sizeable amount of inventory which will shipped to an Amazon Distribution Center. Amazon will then store and fulfill the orders directly to the consumer. Amazon is well-known for its strict compliance requirements, not only for delivery appointments to their DCs but also for the inventory itself being packaged in a way that fits their system.

This sometimes means that inventory needs to be prepared (labeled, repacked, etc.) before shipping to an Amazon DC. This FBA prep is one of the featured services that 18 Wheels provide.

18 Wheels is your premier 3PL partner that can facilitate any model for your Amazon business. Contact us today to get started. 

Who We Serve

At 18 Wheels we are proud to service a multitude of clients from various industries – connecting them with their consumers any way they need us to. Our full suite of 3PL services – from pick/pack, small parcel shipping, and value-added services such as co-pack – will provide you flexibility and the ability to scale, while you focus on what’s important – growing your business. 

With e-commerce being a fantastic opportunity for you to grow your business, it’s important to partner with a 3PL that will support your path to success. Contact 18 Wheels today to learn how our Toronto 3PL warehouses will take care of your e-commerce fulfillment needs.