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Food Warehousing

Food warehousing is crucial for businesses that are transporting and storing food in Toronto or across Canada. However, storing food products is complex and requires proper temperature control, moisture control, and professional handling. Inexperienced businesses trying to perform all these tasks at once can end up hurting themselves more than they expected.

Instead of doing it yourself, work with 18 Wheels Logistics Toronto for complete warehousing assistance. Our Toronto 3PL warehouse and national network of warehouses is outfitted with refrigerated equipment, cleaned daily, and regularly scanned for pests. Not only do we have the space for your goods, but we have the means to protect them during storage, packaging, and distribution.

If you are searching for professional food warehousing in Toronto, Vancouver, or elsewhere in Canada, look no further. Contact our Toronto warehousing staff today for a free quote.

Our Toronto Warehouse is a Valuable Resource for Food Businesses

Food warehousing is a complex job that requires technical and industry knowledge to adhere to regulations and prevent spoilage. To keep your products fresh and of top quality, 3PL warehouses in Toronto store and sort products in compliance with FIFO/LIFO guidelines, which include lot/batch control and returns processing. 

Having a trustworthy food warehouse in Toronto is only part of the solution, and opting for a 3PL Toronto warehouse that can also assist with co-packing and distribution will provide a significant advantage over the competition. Additionally, we have a network of facilities across North America to store your goods at convenient locations.

From customs documentation to re-packing, our Toronto 3PL warehouse can do much more than store your goods. Beyond improving delivery time, and storing your products, the 18 Wheels Toronto warehouse also ensures freshness, high-quality packaging, and better customer service. 

A Little Assistance Goes a Long Way

Our goal is to help our clients find effective and reliable warehousing, co-packing, and transportation solutions in Toronto and across Canada. With our commitment to quality and HACCP and SQF certifications, our Toronto 3PL warehouse ensures excellence at all stages of the storage, packaging, and distributing process. 

In the context of food-grade warehousing, HACCP certification is highly relevant and crucial. Warehouses that store food-grade products must have appropriate handling procedures and environmental controls to prevent contamination and preserve the quality of the products. A HACCP certification signifies that these warehouses meet international food safety standards, adding an extra layer of trust for clients and regulators.

When it comes to storing food products, you cannot take chances. Partner with 18 Wheels Logistics and our 3PL Toronto warehouse to leverage decades of experience and a national network of logistics services to your advantage.