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18 Wheels Logistics Toronto can handle all of your multi-pack and co-packing requests at our Toronto 3PL warehouse. Our multi-pack services bundle multiple units into a single product offering. Businesses that utilize multi-packs can move more volume at a lower cost per unit, providing value to the consumer and your supply chain.

Our Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, and national network of 3PL warehouses are full of high-speed and automated production lines to meet all your multi-packaging needs. We can provide print-registered, supported packs, unsupported packs, and corrugated trays. 

If you are hoping to increase your product offerings at an affordable cost, contact us today. Our dedicated Toronto warehousing team will work with you to determine the optimal packaging solution for your product.

Creating Multi-Packs Helps Capture New Markets

Creating bundles of top sellers or new products generates new interest and intrigue in your products. We help your products stand out through high-quality repacking and fulfillment services, including labeling, pallet displays, variety packaging, and bundle wrapping. Utilize our 3PL Toronto warehouse to benefit from a slew of multi-pack and repacking options. We can help you cut costs, move more products, and increase your profit margins.

18 Wheels Logistics Toronto Is Canada’s Trusted Multi-Packing Company

We have heavily invested in our fulfillment lines, employee training, and packaging equipment, allowing us to create high-quality multi-pack offerings at a rapid pace. Beyond the premium equipment at our Toronto 3PL warehouse, we are dedicated to the success of each of our clients and have the infrastructure to support a national market.

With 3PL warehouses in Toronto, Vancouver, Edmonton, and across Canada, we can store, co-pack, and transport your products anywhere in the country. Contact us to get started.