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Pallet Display

Do you have a new product offering or bundle wrap package that you want to prominently display at major retailers? Custom pallet displays from our Toronto 3PL warehouse can help your products stand out and capture market share.

18 Wheels Logistics Toronto can create and distribute high-quality pallet displays across Canada. With 3PL warehouses in Toronto, Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, and other Canadian hubs, we can seamlessly move your products across the country and help you generate more sales with premium co-packing services.

Curious about the potential of pallet displays? Contact us today for a free consultation, and our Toronto warehousing staff can better outline the benefits of pallet displays for your unique products.

The Benefits of Pallet Displays

Display-ready pallets help your products stand out amidst a sea of competitors. Instead of your product standing next to competitors, it will stand alone with an attention-grabbing display to generate more sales. Work with our Toronto 3PL warehouse to create visually striking displays that encourage customers to think about purchasing your product, and create an easy opportunity to do so. 

Another beneficial aspect of pallet displays is they prominently display your brand colors and images. Even if someone does not purchase the product from the pallet display, the extra branding power builds consumer trust and can help increase the sales of your other products.

Our Co-Packing Services Simplify Logistics

Whether you require variety packing, bundle wrapping, or pallet displays, we have the staff, equipment, and materials at our Toronto 3PL warehouse required to create stunning display pallets. We can create a multitude of different display stands that can be constructed in a range of sizes to meet any space requirements. 

Our dedicated and expert Toronto warehousing team will work with you to determine the best type of material and design for your display needs. Any company working with 18 Wheels Toronto can customize their displays to include any color, text, and graphic. After the pallet display is created, we oversee the entire distribution process and quickly transport it to retailers.