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Professional packaging from Toronto 3PL warehousing companies can help your products stand out on the shelves or in demo displays. At the 18 Wheels Logistics Toronto co-packing facility, we receive your products from a manufacturer and repack them into individual and personalized packaging.

Our co-packing services immediately add value to businesses that store our products in our Toronto 3PL warehouse or use our other warehouses across North America. 

If you are looking for professional repacking and co-packing services in Toronto and across North America, 18 Wheels Logistics Toronto is here to help. Contact us today to leverage our premium equipment, years of experience, and Toronto 3PL warehouse to boost your supply chain.

Repacking Services Give Your Products a Boost

Your packaging creates the first impression for clients, and if the material, colours, labeling, and design do not look sharp, it can harm your business. Oftentimes, the original packaging can be damaged during transportation from the manufacturer to the warehouse, and if the goods are not repackaged, the cargo can be impaired, leading to an increase in returns.

Whether you require repackaged items for custom orders or distribute special orders with temporary packaging, 18 Wheels Logistics Toronto 3PL warehouse can handle all your requirements. Our facility contains numerous automated co-packing production lines that are fully capable of producing large quantity cycles in short time frames. 

Beyond simply packaging the goods, we also perform quality checks and inventory management services to ensure you are always on top of your inventory.

We Can Handle All Your Fulfillment, Warehousing, & Transportation Needs

Finding a Toronto 3PL warehouse that can manage storage, packaging, and transportation requirements can save you time, stress, and money. For businesses shipping products in or out of Toronto and across North America, 18 Wheels Logistics Toronto is the perfect partner.

We offer a complete and diverse selection of fulfillment, Toronto 3PL warehousing, and freight options for businesses in all industries. With over thirty years of experience and facilities across North America, we can optimize all aspects of your supply chain.