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Shrink Wrapping

Transferring, organizing, and storing your products requires efficient and lightweight protection. At our Toronto 3PL warehouse, we use shrink-wrapping to keep your products together and free from bacteria, moisture, and pests during transportation and long-term storage.

There are many different forms of shrink wrapping, including stretch wrap, vacuum sealed, and cling wrap. No matter the technique, the goal is to produce your products effectively and affordably.

At 18 Wheels Logistics Toronto, our Toronto 3PL warehouse is equipped to handle all of your shrink-wrapping needs. Our industrial machinery can handle challenging tasks, such as extra-long product lengths, irregularly shaped items, and vacuum seals. 

Our dedicated and helpful Toronto 3PL warehouse staff is waiting on standby to help with your logistics needs. Contact us today for a free consultation regarding shrink-wrapping and other co-packing services in Toronto and across Canada.

How Does Shrink Wrapping Work?

Shrink-wrapping is a packaging method provided by Toronto 3PL warehousing companies where a product, pallet, or food-safe item is covered with a transparent plastic polymer film. The shrinking occurs when the plastic is heated using a heat gun or a heat tunnel. As the polymer cools, it forms a tight, tamper-evident seal around the product.

What Are the Benefits of 3PL Shrink Wrapping?

Outsourcing your shrink-wrapping requirements to a 3PL warehouse in Toronto or across Canada is an excellent way to protect the integrity of your products and to ensure the satisfaction of the customer. Many different industries choose shrink-wrapping packaging when storing or transporting their products because of the following benefits:

  • FDA Compliance and Better Product Sanitation
  • Custom Packaging and Labeling Potential
  • Improved Security
  • Added Flexibility

At 18 Wheels Logistics Toronto, we can help your business harness the potential and benefits of shrink wrapping. With our premium equipment, well-trained staff, and Toronto 3PL warehouse, we can help you store, transport, and package all of your products.