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Stickering and Labelling Services in Toronto

Standing out amongst a sea of competitors is hard, and without an appealing brand image, your sales can decrease. One way to set yourself apart is with custom stickers and labeling from a Toronto 3PL warehouse, giving your products fresh and captivating packaging.

Send your products to our Toronto 3PL warehouse for professional stickering and labeling services. We can test various types of labels and stickering options to find the best design for your target market.

Our network of warehousing and fulfillment centers spans across Canada and is equipped with high-end fulfillment lines and labeling equipment. Whether you are shipping to Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, or Montreal, we can help. Contact us today for more information.

Our Types of Labeling

At our 3PL warehouse in Toronto, we create numerous types of labels, including the following.

Brand-Specific Labels

Often the most prominent feature in packaging, branded product labels play a vital role in differentiating a brand from its rivals. We allow our clients the flexibility to choose between removable or permanent labels for their items.

Informative Labels

Serving as the primary source of product details, informative labels are typically found on the back of the packaging. They educate consumers on essential details such as the product’s nutritional composition and the correct way to use it.

Eco-friendly Labels

With today's consumers becoming more environmentally aware, many are willing to pay more for ethically sourced and packaged products. Eco-labels show that a product has been created using environmentally friendly practices, fostering a positive brand image.

Quality Grade Labels

Prevalent in the food and beverage industry, these labels distinguish products based on their quality, from high-end to lower-grade counterparts. Using these labels can help to promote and distinguish premium products from those of lesser quality.

How Does Our Stickering and Labeling Process Work?

The first step is to tell our Toronto warehousing staff more about your product, labeling, and stickering requirements. Our dedicated experts will work with you to determine the best type of wrap and labeling options for your products, including sticker placement and wraparound options. 

From there, it’s a matter of sending your products to any of our warehouses across Canada, and we can do the rest.