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Temperature-Controlled & Refrigerated Warehousing

Keeping your inventory cold and in optimal condition is crucial for cosmetic, pharmaceutical, food, and beverage producers. The difficulty for many businesses is finding high-quality refrigerated 3PL warehousing in large cities, such as Toronto and Vancouver, that are equipped with the necessary equipment to store products at precise temperatures.

At 18 Wheels Logistics, our Toronto 3PL warehouse can handle any temperature-controlled warehousing requirement. We have heavily invested in our facilities by installing insulating panels in all temperature-controlled areas that stop air from entering or leaking out.

Additionally, with our temperature-controlled trucks, cold storage units, refrigeration equipment, evaporators, condensers, and compressors across our cross-Canada warehouse network, we can store products at exact temperatures, ranging from frozen to room temperature, during all phases of the supply chain.

When minimizing spoilage and maintaining a specific storage temperature is non-negotiable, you need refrigerated warehousing services. Contact us today to find out more about our Toronto 3PL refrigerated warehousing and how affordable our services are.

We Store Your Products at the Perfect Temperature

3PL Toronto Refrigerated warehousing is much more extensive than putting products into a freezer. Every aspect must be monitored, from temperature to moisture to handling, to ensure products remain at a specific temperature.

There is no single correct temperature for products as pharmaceutical drugs, beverages, food, and electronics often require different temperatures. To account for the needs of different manufacturers, our Toronto 3PL warehousing facility can adjust storage temperatures as needed, ranging from 0 degrees Celsius up to 18 degrees Celsius.

We Keep Your Products Fresh During Transportation

When you partner with our Toronto warehousing facility, all temperature-sensitive products moved in and out of our national warehouse network are transported through temperature-controlled freight, ensuring that your goods are not spoiled during shipping. 

Our fleet of trucks contains temperature monitoring systems and is regularly inspected to ensure all refrigeration equipment is working, providing peace of mind for long-haul deliveries. We offer refrigerated LTL and FTL transportation options to account for all shipment sizes.

Any products received at our Toronto 3PL warehouse are immediately transferred to temperature-controlled storage. During this transportation process, we use a combination of coolers, dry ice, and refrigerated cooling packs to ensure your products maintain an optimal temperature during the handling process.