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Warehousing Services

Looking for professional and reliable warehousing services in Toronto? 18 Wheels Logistics flagship Toronto facility can handle all of your requirements, including the following.

Toronto 3PL Warehousing

Our Toronto 3PL warehousing can reliably assist you with all of your storage and distribution needs. We pride ourselves on offering trustworthy and professional warehousing services, so you can rest easy knowing your cargo and inventory are safe and secure.

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Temperature-Controlled Warehousing

Ensure your products are stored for optimum freshness with our temperature-controlled warehousing. From chilled to frozen, we adapt our storage conditions to cater to your inventory's specific requirements, protecting your goods from damaging temperature fluctuations.

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Bonded Warehousing

Let us simplify the complexities of customs duties for you with our bonded warehousing services. Specially designed for imported goods, we provide responsible storage while you enjoy the benefits of deferred payment on duty fees.

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Food Warehousing

Keep your food products fresh and safe in our regulated food warehousing facilities. With priority given to cleanliness and pest control, we ensure your food items are stored adhering to strict industry regulations and standards.

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Beverage Warehousing

Trust us with the care of your beverages. We understand the nuanced needs of storing drinks and have tailored our services to ensure optimal conditions for your goods, from fizzy sodas to delicate wines.

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Cross Docking

Our efficient cross docking services ensure a seamless transition of your goods from inbound to outbound transportation. Say goodbye to storage times and hello to a fast-paced, streamlined delivery process.

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Container Stuffing & De-stuffing

Make the most of your shipments with our professional container stuffing and de-stuffing services. We bundle efficiency and safety in one package, reducing shipping costs and minimizing risks of damage to your cargo.

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Ecommerce Fulfillment

Concentrate on growing your online business while we handle your logistics. From pick/pack services to return management, our comprehensive ecommerce fulfillment solutions are all you need for operational success.

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Cross-Border Solutions

Reach a wider market with our cross-border solutions. We leverage our network and resources to move your goods efficiently across borders, helping you tap into new opportunities in the global market.

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Value-Add Services

Maximize your supply chain results with our value-add services. From quality checks to advanced order processing options, we deliver additional benefits to complement your storage and transportation strategy.

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